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Some Effective Ways to Reduce Healthcare Costs In The US

Healthcare in the US is the most costly in the world, and the health spending per person has been increasing each year, making it difficult for patients to access life-saving drugs or treatments.

However, there are some measures that patients, healthcare professionals, and governmental bodies can take to deal with the crushing healthcare costs in the US. Keep reading to learn what these are.

Transparency of Healthcare Prices

Price transparency means giving the patients and healthcare consumers detailed information regarding the prices of medical services, procedures, and prescription drugs. With more information, they will make informed decisions and shop better.

However, it’s not just the patients who should have access to this information, but healthcare professionals should also have prescription drug pricing information so they can offer more transparency to their patients. This means that the doctors should have information about drugs and procedures that cost less but give similar results.

Shared Decision-Making

It’s a well-known fact that shared-decision making results in improved healthcare quality and facilitates patient-doctor communication. Another benefit of shared decision-making is that it can lead to reduced healthcare costs.

This method increases patient involvement, and often patients select better care, and this collaboration can also promote adherence to treatment. An increase in prevention-related care causes the long-term costs of healthcare to decrease.

Some of the major contributors to high healthcare bills are unnecessary medical tests and procedures used by healthcare professionals. There is little evidence that these tests and expensive treatments benefit patients and improve their health and are usually not required.

Healthcare practitioners should focus on practicing cost-effective medicine and research should be done to evaluate which procedures and diagnostic tests are actually beneficial for specific patients.

IHBR Center Can Help You Learn How to Improve Patient-Physician Interactions

Effective patient–physician communication can result in better treatments and diagnoses.

If you’re looking for ways to improve doctor-patient interactions, reach out to IHBR. The IHBR Center is a platform for patients and doctors to access a wide range of resources, including online medical books on improving communication skills in clinical practice and doctors’ training.

Contact us now for more details about how doctor-patient communication can help improve healthcare quality.


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