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The Role of Telemedicine During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The outbreak of the novel COVID-19 virus put a halt on all our daily activities that involved leaving the house and meeting people. Everything was shut down from schools, offices, shopping centers, to cinemas.

Although hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centers were operating during the first and second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, only patients suffering from severe conditions were allowed to enter the healthcare facilities. This meant that those patients who had to visit their doctors for regular check-ups and appointments were left high and dry.

However, like everything else, healthcare also shifted online, and telemedicine made it possible for patients and doctors to connect while maintaining social distancing.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about the role telemedicine plays during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Allows For Medical Access In Rural and Underserved Urban Areas

The pandemic caused a lot of dispensaries and clinics to shut down in low-income areas. Some rural areas also saw an influx of people as many people moved home due to office closures.

Telemedicine makes it possible for people living in rural and underserved urban areas to access healthcare without many difficulties.

Minimizes The Risk To Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare workers are working tirelessly to handle the COVID-19 situation. However, this hard work and selflessness put them at risk of contracting the virus. With the help of telemedicine, healthcare workers can provide consultations online adhering to all social distancing rules.

Telemedicine has helped minimize physical contact between patients and doctors and reduce the risk of healthcare workers contracting the virus.

It’s not a secret that healthcare can be extremely expensive, even for those with health insurance. Telemedicine can provide healthcare at a much lower cost than physical visits to the doctor.

Going for a doctor’s appointment also costs time and money. With telemedicine appointments, it can cost a lot less than in-person visits to doctors and therapists.

Reach Out To IHBR To Enhance Communication Skills in Clinical Practice

One of the most crucial elements of easily accessible healthcare is its ability to provide patients with the opportunity to make decisions about their health conditions with improved physician-patient communication.

At the IHBR Center, we work hard to promote the idea of facilitating patient-doctor communication and the significance of Risk communication during COVID-19. Reach out to us for an all-in-one platform for patients and doctors to gain access to a wide range of online medical books related to Communication Skills in Clinical Practice and doctors’ training. Contact us right away to learn more today!

Disclaimer: Please note that this content has been proofread manually and through grammar checkers to eliminate all spacing errors. Any spacing errors you may come across are due to compatibility issues in Microsoft Word.


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